It’s not as hard as you might think. Put simply it’s foods that are as close to their original source as possible. Then means that foods that have found their way into a box or tin are not the kinds of foods we should be filling our trolleys with. This doesn’t mean you have to avoid boxed or tinned food altogether, it just means you need to keep these products to a minimum and increase the amount of fresh vegetables and fruit that you consume.

Tips for good shopping.
When heading to the supermarket make sure you’ve had something to eat beforehand. It might sound silly but if you shop hungry you will most likely make the wrong decision’s when purchasing food.
Work your way around the outside of the supermarket only whenever possible. This is where all the foods that are closest to the original source are located. Such as vegetables, meat, fruit & dairy. Only go down the center aisles when absolutely necessary and only go down the aisles that you have to. Read the signs above each aisle to see if it has what you need. Do not go up and down every aisle or you will end up putting items in your trolley that you had no intention of getting. There are always specials up every aisle that will suck you into buying them, so just don’t go there.

In Summary: Eat before shopping – Have a plan before heading to the supermarket – Do 95% of your shopping in the Fruit, Vegetable, Dairy & Meat departments.